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Request official information from the Federal Statistical Office in accordance with the Freedom of Information Act

In accordance with the Freedom of Information Act, you can obtain information on official information from the federal authorities or request access to files.
Every natural person and every legal entity under private law is entitled to make a request. It is irrelevant whether the person is affected (legally or actually).

You can submit your request for access to information online (digitally to your user account at the NKB), by e-mail or in writing by post.
Request official information from the StBA online or by e-mail:

  • Access the online application on the StBA website. Applications can only be submitted via the online application in connection with the federal user account, from which the contact details are transmitted.
  • As a rule, the StBA will send you the corresponding response by the same method you used to submit the application, i.e. by email, or you can submit your request for information using our contact form (on the StBA website).
  • You can also contact the StBA directly by e-mail.
  • Request official information from the StBA in writing by post:
  • You can submit your request informally.
  • Send your application with the required documents by post to the public authority.
  • The StBA will send you the corresponding reply by post or by the requested method to the contact option provided.

The Freedom of Information Act creates an unconditional right of access to official information from federal authorities.

You do not have to submit any documents. Applications under the Freedom of Information Act can be submitted anonymously.

Information may be subject to a charge. Fees may be charged for processing an IFG application (depending on the administrative costs incurred). If this is the case, you will be informed before the request is processed. Simple requests for which the administrative work involved does not exceed 30 minutes will generally be answered free of charge. The Information Fees Ordinance (IFGGebV) of the Federal Ministry of the Interior regulates the details.

In accordance with § 9 IFG, an objection and an action to compel are permissible against the (partial) rejection of IFG applications. The objection must be lodged within 1 month.

The requested information must be made available to you immediately, i.e. without culpable delay on the part of the authority. Access to information should take place within one month. The authority must give reasons for exceeding the deadline.

- Forms: no

- Online procedure possible: yes

- Written form required: no

- Personal appearance required: no

You can lodge an objection against the decision with the Federal Statistical Office within 1 month of notification.

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community


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