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Exchange old driver's license for new driver's license

Many owners of a driver's license are still on the road with the old paper driver's license. These documents have been gradually losing their validity since January 19, 2022 - staggered according to the holder's year of birth.

If the validity of your old paper driver's license has expired, you must have it replaced by the currently valid uniform card driver's license of the European Union (EU).

As the holder of an older driver's license in credit card format, you are also affected by the exchange.

Card driver's licenses issued as of Jan. 19, 2013, are limited to 15 years. Certain deadlines apply to driver's licenses issued before then in order to exchange them.

Based on your year of birth, you can see in the following overview by when you have to exchange your driver's license. These deadlines apply to driver's licenses issued up to and including 12/31/1998:

  • before 1953 - 01/19/2033
  • 1953 to 1958 - 19.07.2022
  • 1959 to 1964 - 19.01.2023
  • 1965 to 1970 - 19.01.2024
  • 1971 or later - 01/192025

Based on the year of issuance, you can see when you need to exchange your driver's license by in the chart below. These deadlines apply to driver's licenses issued on or after 01/01/1999:

  • 1999 to 2001 - 01/19/2026
  • 2002 to 2004 - 19.01.2027
  • 2005 to 2007 - 19.01.2028
  • 2008 - 19.01.2029
  • 2009 - 19.01.2030
  • 2010 - 19.01.2031
  • 2011 - 19.01.2032
  • 2012 to 01/18/2013 - 01/19/2033


  • Holders of a driver's license whose year of birth is before 1953 must also exchange the driver's license by 01/19/2033, regardless of the year the driver's license was issued.
  • The respective time limit only affects the driver's license document, not the underlying driver's license. A medical examination or other checks are not regularly associated with the document exchange.
  • The rights documented in the driver's license remain in force even if the document is exchanged.

What are the fees?

  • The fee is based on the Fee Regulations for Road Traffic Measures (GebOSt).
  • If the driver's license is sent directly to the home address, an additional shipping fee will be charged.

Fee: 25,00 - 30,00 EUR
Payment in advance: No

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