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Early intervention for the hearing impaired

Do you suspect hearing loss in your child? There are special hearing testing procedures for all ages (including infants!).

Seek competent medical and specialist advice! Additional advice and help can be obtained from one of the competent authorities.

If your child actually has a significant hearing problem, he or she can receive early intervention for the hearing impaired in addition to medical aids.

Who should I contact?

The responsibility lies with the district and the independent city in which you live. There, the Frühförderstelle as well as the speech therapy counseling are available.

In addition, you can use the (pedagogical-audilogical) counselling centres of the state education centres in Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Oldenburg or Osnabrück.

Which documents are required?

You can register directly. A bank transfer is not required.

Bring the yellow booklet of U-check-ups and the doctor's and therapy reports about your child, as well as the results of a hearing check by an otolaryngologist.

What are the fees?

There are no fees.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the competent authority.

What else should I know?

Further information can also be found on the following website:


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