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Making a claim for travel and transport costs for medical treatment if you have an accident at work or an occupational disease

Costs which may be covered by your statutory accident insurance provider include, for example:

  • Costs of transportation by public transport
  • Costs of transportation by private car
  • Costs of transportation by other means of transport (e.g. taxi or ambulance)
  • Travel expenses (e.g. meals and accommodation costs)

Simply submit your supporting documents to your accident insurance provider by uploading them online. No additional application is necessary.

Process flow

Proof of costs must be submitted to your insurance provider online using a web form.

  • Answer the questions on the online form to complete it. Then upload the supporting documents in one of the permitted file formats and send off the completed web form. Make sure you have the name of your accident insurance provider and file number to hand before filling in the form.
  • Your documents will be automatically forwarded to your accident insurance provider. You will then receive notification from your insurer by post, and the expenses will be refunded to the bank account they have on record for you.

Who should I contact?

Your accident insurance provider or the DGUV’s helpline:

One of the services offered by the statutory accident insurance providers is a single nationwide telephone number for general information: 0800 6050404
The helpline is open from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00.

The helpline is also accessible via sign language telephone. You can access the sign language telephone at the following address:

Alternatively, if you are deaf or hard of hearing, you can also use the ISDN video phone. The telephone number is: 0800 6050415

Competent authority

Your competent social accident insurance institution (Berufsgenossenschaft) or accident insurance fund (Unfallkasse) can be found on the DGUV’s website.


  • You have had a recognised accident at work or whilst commuting
  • You suffer from a recognised occupational disease

Which documents are required?

Proof of costs, invoices and receipts in PDF, JPG, TIF, PNG format

What are the fees?


Applications / forms

Forms: none.
Can I apply online? You can upload your proof of costs using a web form.
Do I need to apply in writing? No.
Do I need to attend in person? No.

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