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Participate in the "RV Fit" prevention program of the German Pension Insurance Fund

When the first health impairments occur, the German pension insurance helps with the free prevention program "RV Fit". With training elements on exercise, nutrition and stress management, you are supported in living and working healthily in the long term. The RV Fit prevention program combines an intensive start-up phase lasting several days with regular on-site training sessions that accompany your work.
As a company, you can also use the training program to help your employees stay healthy. Healthy employees have less sick leave, are more motivated and contribute their expertise to the company for longer. Deutsche Rentenversicherung's company service will advise you on occupational health management.

The prevention program is currently run by around 250 partner institutions in Germany.

The costs of the program are borne by Deutsche Rentenversicherung. You can take it part-time before or after work. During the start-up and refresher phases, your company must give you time off and you are generally entitled to continued payment of wages. You will receive EUR 5.00 in travel expenses for each outpatient training appointment, provided that you actually incurred the costs. In the case of inpatient prevention, you will be reimbursed for travel costs by second-class bus or train or your own car (EUR 0.20/kilometer).

The program typically has the following sequence:

  • Start phase: 3 days full-day outpatient or 5 days inpatient time off from work.
  • Training phase: 12 weeks 1-2 times a week on a part-time basis (mornings or evenings)
  • Self-activity phase: 12 weeks of independent training in parallel to work (mornings or evenings)
  • Refresher phase: 1 day full-day outpatient or 3 days inpatient time off from work

The duration of the phases may vary depending on the facility and state.

Process flow

You can apply for participation in the prevention program online or in writing to the pension insurance institution responsible for you:

  • You can submit the application online on the website of the "RV Fit" program.
  • Alternatively, you can submit the application in writing. Download the necessary application forms via the German Pension Insurance website, fill them out completely and send them to your pension insurance provider.
  • The information and advice centers as well as the voluntary helpers (Versichertenberaterinnen und -berater) of the pension insurance will also assist you with the application.
  • In addition, you can also submit the application to your health insurance fund or your insurance office.
  • The responsible pension insurance institution will review your application.
  • You will receive a decision.

Note: If you have already submitted an application for medical rehabilitation benefits and this is rejected, the competent pension insurance institution must also advise you about prevention benefits.


Essential insurance law requirements: You

  • have fulfilled the waiting period of 15 years or
  • have paid compulsory contributions for an insured occupation or activity for 6 calendar months in the 2 years preceding the application, or
  • have been in insured employment or self-employment within 2 years of training up to the date of application, or
  • You were incapacitated or unemployed after such employment or activity until the date of application.

In certain cases, you cannot participate in the training program. This applies if you

  • are entitled to a similar benefit from another rehabilitation provider, such as accident insurance, because of an accident at work, an occupational disease or injury caused by a third party,
  • you are a civil servant, soldier or judge. Please contact your local integration office to find out from whom you can receive benefits,
  • are already receiving or have applied for an old-age pension amounting to at least two-thirds of the full pension,
  • have permanently retired from working life and are receiving, for example, a company pension until the start of your old-age pension, or
  • are in custody or serving a prison sentence.

Which documents are required?

  • Application for prevention benefit

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There is no deadline.

Processing duration

You will receive the decision within a few days.

Applications / forms

Forms: yes

Written form required: no

Informal application possible: no

Personal appearance required: no

Online services available: yes


  • Appeal
  • More information on how to file an appeal can be found in the decision on your application.
  • Action before the social court

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