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Benefits for medical rehabilitation according to SGB IX Authorisation to ward off disabilities and chronic illnesses

People with disabilities and people at risk of disability are entitled to medical rehabilitation, or rehab for short.

The purpose of rehabilitation is to avert, eliminate, mitigate or compensate for disabilities, including chronic diseases. The rehabilitation measures are intended to improve the quality of life. Rehabilitation helps to avoid restrictions on earning capacity and the need for care. If possible, people can return to work or continue to work after rehab. They should not be dependent on social benefits.

Medical rehabilitation services include:

• Treatment by doctors, dentists and other health care professionals, including instruction to develop one's own healing powers,

• Early detection and early intervention for children with disabilities and children at risk of disability,

• medicines and bandages,

• Remedies including physical, speech and occupational therapy,



• Stress testing and occupational therapy.

In case of disability or chronic illness:

• Medical, psychological and educational assistance, insofar as these services are necessary in individual cases

• Assistance in coping with illness and disability,

• Helping to activate self-help potentials,

• Informing and advising partners and relatives, as well as superiors and colleagues, if the beneficiaries agree to this,

• Providing contacts to local self-help and counselling centres,

• Assistance for mental stabilization and the promotion of social skills, among other things through training of social and communicative skills and in dealing with crisis situations

Competent authority

The responsibility lies with the health insurance companies.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality

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