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Fine dust sticker/ environmental sticker information

Clean air plans exist for areas with poor air quality. Clean air plans contain measures to improve air quality. Environmental zones are one possible measure of such clean air plans. Environmental zones reduce particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide pollution. Vehicles with high pollutant emissions are not allowed to drive in environmental zones.

If you want to drive your vehicle in such an environmental zone, you must purchase a fine dust sticker/environmental sticker. The sticker is available in three different colors, each of which is assigned to a pollutant group. The classification of your vehicle into one of the pollutant groups is based on the emission code numbers. You can find these in the vehicle documents.

Notice: The environmental zones are indicated by a separate traffic sign. The additional sign indicates the colors of the stickers with which vehicles have free passage in the specific environmental zone.

Process flow

Some municipalities and counties provide online services. Through them, you can order an environmental badge. You pay by direct debit, bank transfer or credit card. The sticker will be sent to you by mail. You can find the exact regulations on the websites.

Competent authority

The responsibility lies with the licensing authorities of the districts and independent cities.


In order to obtain an environmental badge, your vehicle must meet the criteria of pollutant groups 2, 3 or 4.

You cannot obtain a sticker for vehicles in pollutant group 1. These are

  • gasoline vehicles without a regulated catalytic converter and
  • older diesel vehicles with emission standard Euro 1 or worse.

Which documents are required?

Vehicle registration document (for older vehicles) or registration certificate part I (for newer vehicles)

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?


Processing duration


In most cases, you will receive the badge immediately.


It is pure information. No objection or legal proceedings can be initiated against them.

What else should I know?

If you are planning to drive into an environmental zone, make every effort to purchase a fine dust sticker/ environmental sticker as early as possible. If there are delays and you do not have a fine dust sticker/ environmental badge, you will not be allowed to drive in the environmental zone.

An overview of environmental zones throughout Germany can be found at the Federal Environment Agency ( ).

For certain journeys, you can obtain an exemption from the traffic restrictions in environmental zones.

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