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Apply for extension of residence permit to participate in the European Voluntary Service

As a participant in the European Voluntary Service you have been granted a residence permit. If the host organization agrees in writing with you on an extension of the service, your residence permit can also be extended.

The prerequisite is that the maximum duration of the residence permit of one year has not yet been exhausted.

If you are still under the age of 18, you also need the consent of your legal guardians for the extension.

Besides the participation in the voluntary service, the pursuit of additional employment is not permitted

Process flow

  • Find out whether your Foreigners' Registration Office allows you to apply online or whether you have a special application form.
  • If the application is only possible in person, make an appointment at the Foreigners' Registration Office. In the case of an online application, the Foreigners' Registration Office will contact you after receiving your application to make an appointment.
  • During the appointment, your identity and documents will be checked (please bring your documents, preferably in the original, to the appointment).
  • If your application is granted, your fingerprints will be taken for the purpose of creating a new electronic residence permit (eAT card). The Foreigners' Registration Office commissions the production of the eAT card from the Federal Printing Office. After completion, you will receive information and can pick up the residence permit from the competent authority. The eAT card must always be picked up in person.

If your application is rejected, you will receive a rejection notice


  • You have a recognized and valid identity document (for example, passport or passport substitute).
  • You are already doing a European Voluntary Service whose originally agreed duration was limited to less than one year.
  • You have agreed with the host organization on an extension of your service for a total duration of max. one year.
  • There is no legally regulated reason for refusal (for example, you should not be one of the persons enjoying international protection in Germany, who have applied for the granting of international protection, whose deportation has been temporarily suspended or who have been granted temporary protection; also, the institution hosting you should not have been established solely for the purpose of facilitating the entry and residence of foreigners).
  • You have adequate health insurance coverage.
  • There is no interest in deportation against you.

Your stay does not endanger or impair the interests of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Which documents are required?

  • Recognized and valid identity document (for example, passport or passport substitute).
  • Original agreement with the host organization to carry out the European Voluntary Service (including description of activities, details of the duration of the voluntary service, working hours, working conditions, supervision, remuneration and any training measures included) and written agreement on the extension of service
  • Proof of health insurance coverage
  • Before reaching the age of 18: consent of the legal guardians

In individual cases, the Foreigners Authority may request further documents.

What are the fees?

Cost amount:

  • 96,00 for a further stay of up to three months
  • 93,00 for a further stay of more than three months


Additional fees may apply for the issuance of the residence permit in the form of the electronic residence permit, which can also be used as an electronic proof of identity.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

The extension of the residence permit should be applied for no later than six to eight weeks before the expiry of the original residence permit.

The residence permit is issued for a maximum of one year. An extension is only possible if this period has not yet been exhausted.

Deadline for filing an action: 1 month

Processing duration

The time it takes to process the application depends on the local conditions as well as on the factual accuracy of the information in the application and the completeness of the application documents.

Applications / forms

Forms available: No

Written form required: Yes

Informal application possible: No

Personal appearance required: Yes


  • Appeal against the decision of the Foreigners' Registration Office
  • Action before the court named in the notice of appeal if the appeal is not granted

What else should I know?

An extension of the residence permit beyond a total period of one year is not possible.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)