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Request self-disclosure of personal information in the visa warning file

The Visa Warning File (VWD) is intended to prevent the misuse of visas when entering Germany. It primarily supports the authorities responsible for issuing visas. This includes the German missions abroad.

If you would like to know whether and what information the Visa Warning File stores about you, the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) will provide you with information. To do this, you must submit an application.

The Visa Warning File stores information about persons (and organizations) if you have been

  • have been convicted of a specific criminal offense by a final court decision.
    • Relevant criminal offenses include human trafficking, forced prostitution, narcotics offenses and moonlighting.
  • have presented, procured or produced forged or falsified documents or have obtained authentic documents by making false statements as an applicant for a visa.
  • acted as an inviting person, obligating person or reference person in the visa procedure and thereby
    • have made false statements, or
    • have not fulfilled your obligations when making a claim, or
  • voluntarily allowed your data to be stored, for example, if there is suspicion that statements have been made under your name without permission in visa procedures.

The data that the Visa Warning File stores on individuals includes:

  • Personal data:
    • Family name, first name
    • different name spellings
    • other names and former names
    • gender
    • date of birth
    • Place of birth
    • Nationality
  • the reason for the storage
  • the visa warning file number of the Federal Office of Administration

The application data is stored for up to 10 years, depending on the decision (positive, negative).

Process flow

You can apply online, in person, or by mail.
Online application:

  • Log in to the federal portal using your online ID card function.
  • Complete the online application and submit the data.
  • You will then receive the requested information in writing by mail.

In-person application:

  • Download and complete the application form from the Federal Administration Office (BVA) website.
  • Make an appointment at your local BVA location.
    • Use the telephone hotline or the e-mail address of the Visa Warning File (BVA, Unit S I 4).
    • An overview of the locations can be found on the BVA website.
  • You will then receive the requested information in writing by mail.

Application by mail:

  • Download the application form from the BVA website.
  • Send the completed application form together with the required documents to the address of the BVA stated in the application form.
  • You will then receive the requested information in writing by mail.

If your personal data and proof of identity or organization are available, you can also submit the application informally:

  • Compose an informal letter and send it to the BVA. An overview of the locations can be found on the BVA website.


There are no requirements to apply.

Which documents are required?

If applying online:

Proof of identity:

  • Online ID function
    • of the identity card
    • of the electronic residence permit
    • the electronic residence card
    • the electronic permanent residence card or
    • the eID card

In case of personal application:

Proof of identity by:

  • Identity card
  • passport
  • temporary identity card
  • temporary passport
  • travel document
  • Passport replacement document

If applying by mail:

Proof of identity:

  • in Germany:
    • By official certification of the signature on the application.
    • As a rule, the local town hall or citizens' registration office can certify the signature. Please inquire about local responsibilities and fees.
  • Abroad:
    • by certification of the signature on the application by the foreign representative office or
    • by certification of the signature on the application by an authority of the country of origin authorized to certify, or
    • by a separate letter from a notary's office certifying the signature with a German translation by a sworn translator.
  • in the case of information to a representative (authorized representative):
    • Power of attorney with certification of the signature
    • Notarization is not necessary if the authorized representative is a lawyer admitted to practice before a German court.

You can find out what other documents are required in your case from the application form.

What are the fees?

There are no costs for you due to the application.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

You do not have to meet any deadlines.

Applications / forms

Forms available: Yes
Written form required: Yes
Informal application possible: Yes
Personal appearance required: No
Online services available: Yes


- Objection

- objection

- Administrative court action

- Detailed information on how to file an appeal can be found in the notice of your application.

What else should I know?

There are no clues or specifics.

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