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Foreign Professional Qualification: Recognition for Judicial Professions

Have you obtained a professional qualification abroad? Would you like to work in the Lower Saxony judiciary? With this application, you can have the equivalence of a professional qualification acquired abroad with a profession in the Lower Saxony judiciary determined. Excluded is the recognition of fully legal professions. For this purpose, an application for an equivalence test for admission to the legal preparatory service with European qualifications must be submitted.

This application is aimed at people who would like to work in the Lower Saxony judiciary in the following professions:

  • Judicial Constable
  • Judicial clerk in the constable service / Judicial employee in the constable service
  • Legal clerk / judicial clerk
  • Judicial Administrator
  • Prison Specialist
  • Bailiff
  • Public Prosecutor
  • Diploma in Public Administration (in the prison service)
  • Other profession

It is based on the Lower Saxony Act on the Determination of the Equivalence of Professional Qualifications Acquired Abroad (NBQFG).

As a precautionary measure, it should be noted that most professions in the judiciary require comprehensive knowledge of German law, which often cannot be acquired within the framework of vocational training completed abroad.

Process flow

You can submit the application in writing or online.

Your application will be examined by the competent authority and you will receive a notification of the outcome of the examination. If any documents or information are still missing, you will be asked to submit them later.

Who should I contact?

The Ministry of Justice of Lower Saxony is responsible.


There are two basic requirements for the application:

  • You have completed an education from abroad. You can prove this training by means of documents.
  • You want to work in the judiciary in Lower Saxony.

Which documents are required?

  • Proof of identity
  • List of completed training courses and gainful employment in German, including duration and content
  • Certificates of training acquired abroad
  • German translation of the training certificate by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter
  • evidence of relevant professional experience or other qualifications, if applicable
  • German translation of the certificates of competency by a publicly appointed or sworn interpreter.

What are the fees?

Fee: free of charge

Processing duration

Processing Time: 1 - 6 Months

What else should I know?

If you would like to find out more about training opportunities in the Lower Saxony judiciary, you can find further information here:

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Justice


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