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Apply for benefits from the assistance fund

If, due to a disability, you need regular support in taking on a voluntary position in a managerial position or in committees, you can apply for benefits from the assistance benefit fund. You can freely dispose of these flat-rate benefits.

If you use communication aids (e.g. sign language or speech-to-text interpreters) or are dependent on the use of transmission systems when carrying out your voluntary work in a managerial capacity or when representing you in committees, the actual costs can be covered within the framework provided for in the assistance service fund.

Process flow

  • You submit an application to the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family in Hildesheim for benefits from the assistance benefit fund.
  • The authority will review your application and will contact you if you have any queries or missing documents.
  • Once all documents have been submitted, the authority will examine your entitlement to benefits from the assistance fund.
  • After the examination, you will receive a letter of approval or rejection.


  • They are involved in economic, cultural, social, sporting or political areas in a registered association or in an association with regional subdivisions, the next higher level of which is a registered association
  • active in political committees (council, district council, state parliament)
  • in committees convened on the basis of federal or state law regulations (e.g. working group according to § 94 para. 4 SGB IX, arbitration board according to § 133 SGB IX) active on a voluntary basis free of charge or only against expense allowance within the meaning of the EStG
  • You have your habitual residence in Lower Saxony.
  • In your case, a notice of determination in accordance with § 152 of the Ninth Book of the Social Code (SGB IX) has established the mark B (entitlement to constant accompaniment), the mark Bl (blind) or the mark H (helpless within the meaning of § 33b EStG or corresponding regulations)
  • You are dependent on the use of communication aids such as sign language, written or lormen interpreters or the use of transmission systems (e.g. induction or FM systems) and you have been diagnosed with the mark Gl (deafness) or the mark TBl (deafblindness) or you have at least a degree of disability of 70 due to a hearing function disorder alone.

Which documents are required?

  • Copy
  • the assessment notice or the severely disabled person's ID card with the mark B, H, Bl, TBl or Gl


  • the assessment notice establishing a degree of disability (GdB) of 70 solely due to a disorder of the hearing function
  • Proof of habitual residence in Lower Saxony;
  • Documents that are suitable to prove the assumption of the leading function in a voluntary office or the voluntary activity in a committee (such as confirmations of the association or the political committee, association statutes)
  • in the case of the use of communication aids or transmission systems, the respective invoices must be submitted
  • if the application cannot or should not be submitted by the applicant, if applicable, proof that the applicant is entitled to submit the application (e.g. power of attorney, guardian card)

What are the fees?

Fee: free of charge

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines to be observed. However, the application must be closely related to the purpose in terms of time.

Processing duration

A decision on the application will be taken as soon as possible. The processing time depends, among other things, on the completeness of the information and the submission of the evidence required for the processing of the application.

Applications / forms

Forms available: Yes

Written form required: Yes

Informal application possible: Yes

Personal appearance required: No

Applications can be submitted in writing (informally or via application form, which you can obtain from the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family) or online.



What else should I know?

Although an informal application is possible, you will need to fill out the application form afterwards.

Supporting institutions

On the website of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family (LS) you can find more information about the assistance fund.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Labour, Health and Equality


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