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Construction loads: entry - in the construction load list

Construction loads: Building burdens are public-law obligations of landowners and landowners to do, tolerate or omission concerning their land, which do not already result from public law regulations. This will enable the construction or use of another plot of land to be extended.

The construction loads are taken over by written declaration to the building inspectorate. The signature must be publicly certified or provided by a surveying body or before the building inspectorate or recognised before it. Public certification can also be carried out by the municipalities.

Without prejudice to the rights of third parties, the construction loads become effective with the entry in the building load register. Building burdens remain even in the event of the sale of the land, thus also acting against legal successors and legal successors.  

The construction load is covered by a written waiver by the building inspectorate. The waiver shall be declared if there is no longer any public or private interest in the construction load. Before the waiver, the obliged party and the beneficiaries of the construction load shall be consulted. The waiver takes effect with the deletion of the construction load in the construction load register.

Construction load list: The building load list is maintained by the building inspectorate. Other construction obligations of the landowner may also be entered in the register of building loads relating to any action, toleration or omission relating to the property, as well as conditions, time limits and reservations of revocation.

Anyone who expresses a legitimate interest can inspect the building load list and have extracts given to them.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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