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Appointment of an authorised person responsible for compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and the Animal Welfare Slaughter Ordinance

If, as a slaughterhouse, you slaughter at least 50 livestock units per week or provide workers who feed, stun or bleed animals for slaughter, you must appoint to the competent authority a responsible authorised officer to ensure compliance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act and the legal regulations issued pursuant to this Act.
This provision applies, for .B, to subcontractors who have been entrusted by the slaughterhouse operator with the abovementioned activities. Despite the appointment of a responsible person authorised to issue instructions by a subcontractor, the slaughterhouse operator must also appoint an animal welfare officer.

You should note the following conversion of the livestock units:

  • Adult bovine animals and equidae: 1 LU
  • Other bovine animals: 0,5 LU
  • Pigs weighing more than 100 kg: 0,2 LU
  • Other pigs: 0,15 LU
  • Sheep and goats: 0,1 LU

Sheep/goat lambs and piglets under 15 kg: 0,05 LU

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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