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Apply for an export refund on agricultural products from the European Union (EU)

If you export goods to third countries, you can apply for an export refund under certain conditions.

For many agricultural products, the European Union (EU) has set prices that are above the world market level. Industrially produced food is therefore usually more expensive in the EU than on the world market. The export refunds are intended to compensate for this price difference. They are a subsidy.

In January 2016, the 10th Ministerial Conference decided at WTO level to comprehensively reduce subsidies worldwide. In the run-up to this decision, the EU has generally reduced all export refunds on agricultural products to zero as of 1 January 2014. Currently, export refunds are only paid in crisis cases in order to support the domestic (agricultural) economy in the event of unforeseen crisis scenarios.

If, in the event of a crisis, an export refund greater than zero is fixed, this is done by means of fixing regulations. These Regulations also lay down rules in which of the following sectors a refund may be paid on exports of agricultural products:

  • cereal
  • rice
  • beef
  • milk and milk products,
  • pork
  • eggs
  • poultry meat
  • Non-Annex I goods (i.e. products made from agricultural products, such as bakery and confectionery).

It is important that the agricultural products and processed products are so-called market organization goods.

Please check the CN code of your exported goods before your application in the Electronic Customs Tariff (EZT) EZT-Online whether an export refund is granted for the specific goods you wish to export. You can also request the current refund rate from your customs office of export or from the main customs office in Hamburg-Jonas.


Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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