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Benefits of the pension insurance for medical rehabilitation Approval

Medical rehabilitation serves to improve or restore your earning capacity.

A repetition of the medical rehabilitation is generally possible after 4 years – unless the service is required prematurely for health reasons.

Rehabilitation is used to treat health and functional disorders. The type of treatment and selection of the rehabilitation facility depends on your complaints.

The rehabilitation takes place in a rehabilitation facility of the pension insurance or in one of their contract clinics. Medical rehabilitation services are possible both inpatient and full-day outpatient and usually last 3 weeks. For addicts, there are regulations deviating from this form and duration of benefits.

This is paid by the pension insurance:

  • the journey,
  • the accommodation,
  • catering,
  • medical care,
  • the therapeutic services and
  • the medical applications.

In the case of inpatient medical rehabilitation, you can contribute a maximum of EUR 10.00 per day to the costs. The co-payment depends on the amount of your income.

If your employer does not continue to pay the salary during your medical rehabilitation due to similar pre-existing conditions, you may receive transitional allowance from the pension insurance.

You cannot obtain medical rehab if you

  • are entitled to a similar benefit from another rehabilitation provider (e.g. accident insurance) as a result of an accident at work, an occupational disease or damage caused by third parties,
  • are civil servants, soldiers or judges. Please contact your responsible integration office to find out from whom you can receive benefits,
  • have already received or applied for an old-age pension (at least two thirds of the full pension),
  • have permanently retired from working life and receive a company pension until the start of retirement, for example, or
  • are in pre-trial detention or in the execution of a custodial sentence.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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