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Environmental information on contaminated sites and areas suspected of being contaminated: information

The term "suspected contaminated areas" refers to areas where there is a suspicion of a load. Contaminated sites are, for example, set-aside deposits for municipal or commercial waste (old deposits) or set-aside plants, armament sites and operating areas on which environmentally hazardous substances have been dealt with (old sites), to the extent that this harmful soil changes or other hazards. The data on contaminated sites and areas suspected of contamination are summarized in the contaminated list.

Under the Environmental Information Act (UIG), everyone is entitled to free access to environmental information provided by an information-subject body. The UIG applies in Lower Saxony in connection with the Lower Saxony Environmental Information Act (NUIG). Access may be opened by providing information, inspecting the file or by any other means. On request, therefore, any person can receive information from the contaminated site register. Such information is important, for example, in the purchase or sale of land, in construction projects or demolition projects, as well as in the use of groundwater in the vicinity of contaminated sites. However, information about a legacy or an area suspected of being contaminated may in many cases be personal data. The competent authority must then examine whether disclosure of the information would significantly affect the interests of the person concerned; where appropriate, it shall make a balance.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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