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Use of clay reinforcement systems: grant - exemption

Devices used for the generation or reproduction of sound (sound equipment), in particular loudspeakers, sound players, musical instruments and similar devices, may only be used at such a volume that non-participants are not significantly harassed or the natural environment cannot be affected. If this is not the case, the use of such equipment on public transport, in public facilities and in and other facilities for general use is prohibited on tent and campsites, in swimming and beach baths and in the wild.

These requirements are not applied

  • sound signs to warn of dangers,
  • prescribed signalling and warning devices,
  • on liturgical bell ringing as well as
  • equipment used in the context of a public transport operation.

There are exceptions for the use of sound devices for the purpose of advertising elections for European, Bundestag, Landtag or local elections in the six weeks before the election by parties or other political associations.

On request, the competent authority may allow exceptions in individual cases in the case of public or predominant private interest. The exemption is to be granted and subject to conditions in order to protect the general public and the neighbourhood. In addition, the competent authority may generally allow temporary (musical) performances in inner-city pedestrian areas.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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