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Traffic signs and transport facilities: change

Traffic signs (VZ for short) and transport facilities are used for traffic control. They are ordered by the authorities and must be observed by the road user on their own responsibility. Road signs include road signs, road markings, lighting displays, and signs of traffic posts. Traffic facilities are barriers, locking posts, parking meters, parking ticket machines, railings, shut-off devices, control devices as well as flashing lights and light signs ("traffic lights").

Any installation, modification or removal of traffic signs or transport facilities shall be subject to a traffic authority order by the competent authority.

Traffic signs and transport facilities can be divided into the following categories of road signs according to the Road Traffic Regulations (StVO):

  • Signs and instructions of the police officers (Section 36 StVO)
  • Alternating light signs, permanent light signs and green arrows (Section 37 StVO)
  • Blue flashing light and yellow flashing light (Section 38 StVO)
  • Traffic signs (Section 39 StVO)
  • Danger Signs (Section 40 StVO)
  • Regulation marks (Section 41 StVO)
  • Directional sign (Section 42 StVO)
  • Transport facilities (Section 43 StVO)

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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