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Road haulage operation: Approval - Examination of the expert's examination

Do you want to carry out commercial transports with vehicles whose total permissible weight is more than 3.5 tonnes? You need permission to do this. One of the prerequisites for granting the permit is proof of professional competence. The entrepreneur or the person appointed to run the business must be professionally qualified.

This can be proven by a specialist examination before the local chamber of commerce and industry (IHK). The Chamber of Commerce and Industry is responsible locally, in whose district the subject is domiciled.

The examination covers the areas listed in Annex 1 to Directive 98/76/EC of 1 October 1998 on access to the occupation of road haulage operator. These areas include:

  • various areas of law,
  • commercial and financial management of the company,
  • technical standards and technical operation,
  • Road safety.

The examination shall consist of two written parts and, where appropriate, an oral part of the examination. Participation in the aptitude test requires detailed technical preparation. You are free to prepare.

The professional competence can alternatively be demonstrated by a managerial activity in a company which operates road haulage for at least five years. The end of this activity may not be more than two years ago. A corresponding certificate of expertise is issued by the Chamber of Commerce.

The professional competence can also be demonstrated by a recognised equivalent final examination (e.g. to the forwarding agent). In this case, a certificate of the final examination must be presented.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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