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Help for victims of crime

In dealing with courts and other authorities, victims of crime and their relatives often feel misunderstood and left alone in the event of problems and conflicts resulting from the offence. In the criminal proceedings, the role of the victim's witness is usually the focus. Victim needs, however, go far beyond criminal proceedings and social rights. In addition to security against further offences, they also include the management of the trauma resulting from the offence, assistance in restoring the dignity of the victim and compensating for the damage suffered, and finally recognising that only the victims can decide what support they need.

The victims' assistance offices of the competent body provide the following specific assistance to victims:
  • Psychosocial care and counselling,
  • Mediation for further assistance and counselling services,
  • accompaniment to court, government, legal and medical appointments,
  • Support for applications.
Victims also receive information about financial aid and entitlements.
The following financial assistance may be available. Possible:
  • unbureaucratic emergency aid
  • Assistance in compensating for material and non-material damage
  • funding for psychological stabilisation services, such as trauma counselling of trauma therapy measures and personal
  • Protection.
The victims' helpers of the Victims' Aid Offices also provide financial support from other victim support organisations.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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