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In most or not, you will need a building permit to approve your construction project. For this purpose, a building application according to the requirements of the Lower Saxony Building Code (NBauO) must be submitted to the relevant building permit authority (city or municipality or district). With this building application, simple or qualified site plans are to be submitted in accordance with the Building Template Ordinance (BauVorlVO) if necessary.

The submission of a qualified site plan is generally required in the case of border construction or compliance with border distances. The decision as to the type of site plan to be attached to a building application shall be taken by the relevant building permit authority.

The simple site plan contains the following information from the property register:

  • the indication of the scale and the location of the property to the direction of the sky
  • the name of the building plot by municipality, street, house number, land register, municipal area, hallway, parcel with indication of the owners or the persons entitled to inherit
  • the area of the building plot
  • the cadastral boundaries of the building plot and the neighbouring plots
  • the stock of existing buildings on the building site and on the neighbouring plots (as far as proven in the property register)
  • the references to construction loads contained in the property book

The qualified site plan also contains the following information:

  • the dimensions of the building plot required for the assessment of the building
  • a statement about the reliability of borders and their recognizability in the location
  • the owners of the neighbouring land
  • a statement about the completeness of the building stock

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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