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Decomposition measurement

Decomposition measurement is the cadastral-technical division of a parcel into several independent parcels. This is always necessary if a separate sub-surface is to be independently demonstrated from a previously numbered parcel or plot of land.

Would you like to buy this sub-area and take it into your property?
This requires a notarised contract, which is submitted to the relevant Land Registry, so that the property can be justified in the land register.


In the course of a decomposition survey, a local survey will:

  • existing parcel boundaries have been identified and
  • new parcel boundaries and marked with border marks on request (marketed).

The persons concerned (land owners, purchasers and neighbours of the land) will be given the opportunity to comment on the facts relevant to the decision in the border determination and demarcation proceedings at a hearing. Thereafter, the persons concerned will be made aware of the border assessment and demarcation orally or in writing. The results of the consultation and disclosure of the administrative file border assessment and demarcation are documented in an official border document.

New parcel boundaries can also be recorded without local surveying(specialization)if their location is clearly defined and the property register can be managed properly.

After evaluation of the decomposition survey or the specialization, the results (flurid number and parcel area) are entered in the official property register (property map and property book). Thus, the disassembled subsurface is an independent parcel and the rewriting in the land register can take place.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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