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House number: Fixing

House numbers are issued by the competent authority on the basis of building applications, notifications of construction work or at the request of the owners. Street names and house numbers are used for orientation in the city or municipality and fulfil an order function for all personal or location-related data.

In order to be able to integrate new buildings into an existing house number sequence, it may be necessary to change existing house numbers.

It is the responsibility of the competent authority as the general regulatory authority to check whether a house number has been affixed by the owner of the property/house. The local house number signage will also be checked in case of complaints. The landowner is then asked to provide a visible house number.

Two equivalent systems are used to arrange house numbers:

  • The so-called Paris system with a kind of zipper system (the numbering starts at the end of the street facing the city centre on the left with 1 and on the right with 2 on the right and then runs separately to the other end of the road, whereby due to the different size of the individual plots it often happens that each number is not opposite in reality).
  • The so-called Berlin system with circumference house numbering (the number sequence starts on one side of the street with 1, continues without interruption to the end of the street and then back on the other side of the street).

In Lower Saxony, house numbers are usually assigned according to the Paris system.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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