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Market value according to BauGB: Determination

The market value shall be determined at the request of the competent authority and presented in the form of an expert opinion.

The market value is defined in Section 194 of the Building Code as a market value which, at the time to which the determination relates, is in normal commercial transactions in accordance with the legal circumstances and actual characteristics, the other nature and the location of the of the immovable property or other object of the valuation could be achieved without regard to unusual or personal circumstances.

The competent body shall submit opinions on:

  • Market values of built-up and undeveloped land
  • Market values of rights to land
  • the amount of rental and rent interest
  • the value of property components

Clients are

  • Owners, their respective beneficiaries, holders of other rights in the property and persons entitled to a compulsory share
  • Municipalities and authorities within the framework of the provisions of the Building Code
  • Dishes

Reasons for the order may be

  • Purchase negotiations
  • Urban measures (e.g. refurbishment)
  • Family law matters
  • Inheritance disputes
  • Social affairs (according to the Social Code)
  • Foreclosures
  • Expropriation proceedings

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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