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Home place (children, adolescents and young adults)

In youth welfare facilities, children, adolescents and young adultswho do not have parents or do not receive regular care in their parents' homes find a home.

The reasons for accommodation in youth welfare facilities vary:

  • the death of both parents
  • a child does not receive the necessary care and care from his family
  • Parents don't feel up to the responsibility of raising a child
  • School difficulties
  • Behavioural abnormalities
  • Developmental
  • Mental disorders / disabilities

There is a variety of accommodation options for children, adolescents and young people of the age,such as housing groups, shift work groups, family-like housing groups, educational centres, individual forms of care, 5-day groups, intensive groups, project centres at home and abroad.

The aim of home education is to:

  • Protection (from child welfare risk)
  • Return to the family
  • Preparing to educate another family
  • provide a long-term lifestyle
  • Preparing for an independent life
  • Integration assistance for the mentally handicapped
  • Mother/Father/Child Care
  • Intensive Education / Therapeutic Aids

Young adults are also entitled to help. Young adult sons are also admitted and cared for in youth welfare institutions (see Section 41 of the Social Code (SGB VIII) - Eighth Book).

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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