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Take the accelerated initial qualification for professional drivers

If you want to transport goods or people on the road for work, you must prove a so-called basic qualification for professional drivers in addition to the driving license.

This applies to drivers of vehicles with a permissible gross vehicle weight of more than 3.5 tonnes in road and own-account transport or of vehicles with more than eight passenger seats in passenger transport, insofar as a C or D-class driving licence is required to drive the vehicle/combination.

In the case of the basic qualification, a distinction is made between the simple and the accelerated basic qualification.

You will acquire the accelerated initial qualification by participating in a training course at a recognised training institution and by successfully passing a theoretical examination at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. Participation in classes is mandatory here. In the case of the theoretical examination, in turn, facilitations are provided for holders of specialist knowledge certificates in accordance with the Ordinances on Access to the Profession.

If you have already acquired your driving licence before 10.9.2008 (bus) or 10.9.2009 (truck), you do not have to prove any initial qualification ("possession").

You do not have to have a driving licence for the accelerated initial qualification.

The type of examination differs depending on the existence of prerequisites:

  1. Regular examination "Accelerated basic qualification"

You must pass the standard examination if you are unable to provide proof of a specialist examination for road haulage or passenger transport ("transport manager examination") for the type of transport in question, nor if you have successfully passed an examination (accelerated) initial qualification for the other type of transport.

  1. Transition examination "Accelerated basic qualification"

You can take the "Changeover" exam if you have already successfully passed the standard examination for the type of transport that is not the subject of the transfer test. For example, the training of accelerated basic qualification "transfer passengers" only deals with the specifics of the mode of transport. For example, the future bus driver is given the knowledge of how to behave with regard to the passengers, as this was not part of his first initial qualification in freight transport.

This also applies to drivers who have acquired the driving licence for the other type of transport before the respective reference date (acquis).

3. Lateral entry examination "Accelerated basic qualification"

You can take the "Quereinsteiger" exam if you have valid proof of a specialist examination for the type of transport for which the examination is to be taken.

Since not all the knowledge that a driver must have is tested in the specialist examination, you must also acquire the initial qualification as the holder of a specialist knowledge certificate.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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