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Apply for support for successful training/entry-level qualification (assisted training)

Assisted training can accompany you on the way to finding and taking up a suitable training position up to the successful completion of your in-company vocational training.

Assisted training supports you if, for example, poor grades or problems in the training company, in the vocational school or at home jeopardize the start of your or the success of your training.

You can also receive support when completing an entry-level qualification via Assisted Training.

An educational institution with experienced teachers, social pedagogues and a training supervisor develops an individual support plan with you.

You can receive the support depending on your individual needs for a limited period of time, but also during the entire training/entry-level qualification.

During the entire period of participation, a training supervisor is available to you as a permanent contact person.

If you carry out your in-company vocational training or entry-level qualification on a part-time basis, you can receive equal support in the accompanying phase of assisted training.

Even as a young person with disabilities, you can participate in assisted training if your individual support needs can be covered and participation in working life is achieved.

Your training company can also be supported as part of the Assisted Training in order to make your training or your entry-level qualification a success.

The assisted training is divided into 2 phases.

Preliminary phase (optional)

This phase supports you in your search for and acceptance of an in-company training place. Content can be, for example:

  • Internships
  • if necessary, also career guidance,
  • Application training,
  • Strengthening motivation or
  • to a limited extent the reduction of language and educational deficits.

Your participation takes place full-time (39 lessons per week) and generally lasts 6 months. If you were unable to find an in-company training place during this time, your participation can be extended by a further 2 months.

If you have not found a training place at the end of the possibly extended preliminary phase, your support in assisted training will also end.

If you have signed an in-company training contract or contract for the implementation of an entry-level qualification, you can participate in the accompanying phase of assisted training at any time if you need further support.

During the participation in the preliminary phase, you can receive vocational training allowance.

As a training company, you can get to know your future trainee in the preliminary phase, for example through an internship, and also receive further support from the training provider. This can be, for example:

  • Information on and support for trainers in the company to prepare for training
  • Support in the preparation of written application documents as part of an application for funding by the training company.

Accompanying phase

In the accompanying phase you can be supported:

  • by helping to reduce language and learning difficulties
  • in the promotion of theoretical skills, knowledge and abilities
  • with measures that help you to successfully complete the training or entry-level qualification and not to cancel it and
  • preparing for the transition to a job subject to compulsory insurance as soon as you have completed your training, and
  • in the stabilization or search for an employment relationship after successfully completed training.

Their support is coordinated with the training company and goes beyond the mediation of usual company and training content. This gives you exactly the support that specifically suits your needs and the needs of your training company.

The number of hours per week for the exchange and course offer is individually tailored to your needs. In principle, these take place outside the in-company training period.

The duration of your support is based on your individual needs. This can be the case for the entire duration of your training or your entry-level qualification, or only temporarily, for example to prepare for the intermediate or final examination.

The previous offers of training-accompanying assistance (abH) such as

  • Tutoring for lessons at the vocational school,
  • Tutoring in language lessons,
  • Preparation for class work and exams,
  • Mediating discussions between trainers, teachers and/or parents,
  • Socio-educational support or
  • Support for personal problems that have/have an impact on training/entry-level qualification,

are still available, now as part of the Assisted Training.

Assisted training can be suspended for a maximum of 6 months if you have no need for support at times. If no further support is required after the 6 months, the Assisted Training will be completed.

Follow-up care after completing your training is also possible for up to 6 months if necessary, if you have found a job. If it has not worked out with the start of a job, the Assisted Training can support the search for a job up to 1 year after the end of the vocational training.

If you incur travel costs as part of the Assisted Training, you must pay them yourself. The Employment Agency or the Job Centre does not reimburse these costs.

As a training company, you will receive information during the accompanying phase

  • the necessary assistance in the administration, organisation and implementation of the training/entry-level qualification of the supported trainee(s)/participant in an entry-level qualification, and
  • support in day-to-day operations to stabilise the training relationship/entry-level qualification.

Regular discussions with your trainees/participants in an entry-level qualification and other participants in your company help to identify possible difficulties at an early stage and to develop solutions.

To this end, you submit a written declaration to the training provider that you will enable your trainees or your participants in an entry-level qualification to participate in the individual support services within the framework of assisted training.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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