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Apply for support for participation in external vocational training at the Employment Agency

External vocational training is an alternative to training in a company if you have not yet found any training and you have no prospects of how to proceed in the future.

An off-the-job vocational training is also an option for you if your in-company or non-company vocational training has been terminated prematurely and the start of in-company vocational training is hopeless even with additional support. You can then continue your training in an external institution. If possible, the previous training period will be taken into account.

It doesn't really matter how old you are.

Your external vocational training takes place in a recognised training occupation. Liberal professions and nursing professions cannot be trained outside the company.

Your training takes place with a measure provider. The costs are covered by the Employment Agency. You receive a training allowance and are covered by social insurance.

Under certain conditions, you can also receive vocational training allowance.

For the theoretical part of vocational training, you will attend a vocational school. Your practical part will take place depending on the model

  • in principle, in the workshops of the measure provider instead of including in-company training phases, or
  • in principle, it takes place at a training company with which the measure provider cooperates.

During the training with your measure provider, you can, among other things,

  • Tutoring in individual subjects or learning the German language,
  • Preparation for class work and exams,
  • Support for everyday problems,
  • Mediating discussions with your trainers, teachers and parents


An experienced team of trainers, teachers and social pedagogues will accompany you throughout the entire time. Together with you, they develop a very personal support plan based on the training framework plan.

During the extra-company vocational training, your transition to in-company training will be promoted.

If there are certain reasons, you can also complete your training part-time.

Even as a young person with disabilities, you can take part in an off-the-job vocational training if your individual support needs can be covered and you can participate in working life through the training.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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