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Apply for 'authorised consignor' status for the Union transit procedure

If goods are transported across several transit countries or customs territories within Europe, import duties or other charges may have to be paid at different locations and corresponding refunds may have to be requested. The Union transit procedure allows you to transport goods with only one customs clearance. It facilitates the movement of goods and customs regulations between the Member States of the European Union and Andorra and San Marino. The goods may be transported from the point of departure to their final destination, where customs and national tax rules are complied with.

In order to make it easier to place your goods under the Union transit procedure, you can apply for the status of 'authorised consignor' as a company or individual.

The authorisation of the "status of authorised consignor" enables you to open Union transit procedures independently, even outside the opening hours of the customs office of departure, at the places authorised in the authorisation. The clearance and control obligations of the customs office of departure are transferred to you as the holder of the authorisation. You may

  • issuing transit declarations,
  • seal means of transport or packages properly under customs law,
  • transport goods without the customs office having to act,
  • Process your imports and exports electronically with the customs authorities via the NCTS system (New Computerised Transit System).

An approved consignor status granted in Germany applies only to Union transit procedures that begin in Germany. Once approved, you do not need to renew the status.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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