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Report phone number misuse

If a number is used unlawfully, the Federal Network Agency can intervene and take appropriate measures.

Misuse of a telephone number may exist if

  • You get into a waiting loop under a chargeable number and your request is not processed.
  • a company only provides a high-priced telephone number for contractual questions as a telephone contact
  • You will receive a telephone band announcement to entice you to call back, e.B. by notifying you of an alleged win
  • You are confronted with harassing call behavior, e.B. during advertising calls on Sundays and public holidays
  • Confusing, missing or incorrect price information about the connection costs when dialing an expensive telephone number (e.B. (0)900 numbers, (0)180 telephone numbers).
  • At the beginning of a telephone call after dialing expensive telephone numbers or after dialing call by call numbers, no or an incorrect price announcement is mentioned.
  • In the case of forwarding by an information service, no price announcement for the connection costs of the transmitted call are announced
  • In the case of a call to a (0)900 number after one hour, no network-side forced disconnection of the connection has taken place
  • in postal advertising letters, a significant misleading of the addressee takes place with the purpose of submitting a reply to the specified telephone number
  • You receive unsolicited advertising SMS or other electronic advertising messages via Messenger (for example via Facebook, Whatsapp, SIMSme, Threema or Line).
  • You will receive e-mail spam promoting phone numbers (unsolicited promotional e-mails).
  • You receive fax spam, i.e. unsolicited advertising faxes.
  • You receive ping calls, i.e. calls where the phone has only ringed briefly for the purpose of provoking a callback
  • connect to expensive phone numbers automatically from your connection by a mobile phone or Internet dialer
  • your Internet router or telephone system has been hacked by third parties and as a result paid connections are generated, or
  • Inexplicable invoice items such as .B for subscription services are billed on the telephone bill.

A proven unlawful use of the number can be punished depending on the extent of the violation by:

  • complaint or warning,
  • the arrangement of the shutdown of telephone numbers,
  • accounting and collection prohibitions,
  • porting bans,
  • Business model prohibition or
  • Circuit bans.

In order to combat the misuse of telephone numbers, you should provide the Federal Network Agency with as detailed information as possible on the facts of the misuse of telephone numbers. Existing documents such as itemized bills or screenshots of visited websites must be attached.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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