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Apply for funding for social rental housing

As part of the social housing subsidy, your federal state can provide you with subsidies for the creation of rental housing. You do not have a legal claim to funding for your project.

Funding is provided:

  • housing construction, including the first acquisition of new housing,
  • the modernisation of living space,
  • the acquisition of occupancy rights,
  • the acquisition of existing living space,

if rent and occupancy commitments are to be established for the rental housing.

Recipients of funding can be natural and legal persons.

Funding is provided in accordance with the provisions of the respective federal state by granting non-repayable grants and/or low-interest loans.

The subsidised rental housing is tied up for a certain period of time in favour of households entitled to live (occupancy commitment).

During the commitment period, maximum permissible rents below the local comparative rent or other other measures can be determined to reduce housing costs for the households entitled to live (rent commitment).

General rental housing subsidy:

  • Funding is provided for the creation of occupancy and rent-linked rental housing, in apartment buildings through new construction as well as the modification and expansion of buildings. This also includes the promotion of rental housing as well as shared flats for older people and people with disabilities.

Modernisation of rental housing:

  • Funding will be provided for the modernisation of rental housing in multi-family buildings, including the energy-efficient modernisation of rental apartments completed before 01.02.2002.

Rental housing subsidies on the East Frisian Islands:

  • The creation of occupancy and rent-linked rental housing in apartment buildings is supported by new construction in the areas of the cities of Borkum and Norderney, the island municipality of Juist, the North Sea resort of Wangerooge and the municipalities of Baltrum, Langeoog and Spiekeroog.

Acquisition of occupancy and rental commitments:

  • Funding is provided for the acquisition of occupancy and rent commitments to rental apartments in local authorities, which are considered areas with tense housing markets according to the Lower Saxony Tenant Protection Ordinance or to supply households with particular difficulties in the supply of housing.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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