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Children's passport

When travelling abroad, children must also identify themselves when crossing the border. For German children, a child's passport or their own passport can be considered.

Since 26 June 2012, children need their own travel document, i.e. a children's passport, when travelling abroad. If children are already registered in their parents' passports, these entries are no longer valid.

The children's passport is valid up to the age of 12. From the age of 12, children need an identity card depending on the destination (travel to countries in the so-called Schengen area, i.e. to European countries without border controls) or an electronic passport (e.g. visa-free entry to the USA).

The photograph must be biometric, with exceptions to the requirements, in particular for young children and infants.

The children's passport is fully machine-readable and recognized worldwide. Visa-free entry to the United States is excluded. This can only be done with the regular passport (ePass).

Information on the entry regulations as well as further information on the destination can be found on the website of the Foreign Office.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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