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Other games with winning ability: Permission

If you want to organize other games with the possibility of winning (e.B. skill games) you need permission from the competent authority. Permission must be applied for.

A skill game occurs when the person playing the game is likely to determine the outcome of the game by skill or knowledge, according to the game setup and the rules of the game. In contrast, in the case of gambling, the decision on profit and loss is largely determined by chance.

The permission does not generally entitle you to the organization of sweepstakes, but only applies to a specific game. It is tied to the person and the venue. The holder of the permit may be any natural and legal person. In the case of partnerships, each managing partner requires its own permission.

The permit may be granted for a limited period of time or subject to conditions if it is necessary for the protection of the general public, the guests, the residents of the farm land or neighbouring properties or in the interest of the protection of minors. Subsequent inclusion, modification and addition of conditions is also permitted.

There are also games with the possibility of winning, for which there is freedom of permission (usually with goods winnings worth no more than 60.00 euros).

For game play equipment or game devices, permission is required for play equipment with a chance to win.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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