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Vocational education and training: Master's examination

The master craftsman's examination determines whether the apprentice is capable of practising and conducting a craft independently and properly training apprentices. The master's examination is also proof of the necessary theoretical and technical, business, commercial, legal and professional educational knowledge.

The master examination is taken by a state examination authority (master examination committee) established at the seat of the competent body. The passed master examination entitles you to a master's degree and is certified with the master's certificate.

The examination is divided into four separate parts of the examination:

  • Part I: practical examination,
  • Part II: theoretical examination,
  • Part III: Business, commercial and legal examination,
  • Part IV: Vocational and work pedagogical examination.

The order in which the partial examinations are taken can be determined by the subject. There is no time limit from the first to the fourth part of the examination. Failed partial examinations can be repeated three times.

Admission to the Master's Examination must be applied for before the examination application is filed. The prerequisite for admission to the master's examination is usually a successfully passed journeyman examination in the craft in which the master examination is to be taken. The exact admission guidelines are laid down in the Crafts Code (HwO). In many craft occupations, in addition to a work sample, a master examination project must also be carried out in the practical examination.

Admission shall be granted by the Chairman of the Master Examination Committee. If the chairman does not consider the admission requirements to be met, the entire Master Examination Committee shall decide.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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