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Travelling with pets

If you want to take your pet (pet) with you when travelling abroad or want to import a pet purchased abroad to Germany, you have to observe various regulations.

Travelling within the EU with dogs, cats and ferrets
What is required are:

  • EU pet passport issued by the pet veterinarian (also known as the "Pet Passport") with proof of the required valid rabies vaccination
  • Identification by an electronic transponder (microchip) - (until July 2011, a tattoo is temporarily permitted for many EU countries)

The same travel rules as within the EU apply to the following non-EU countries ("equal third countries"):

  • Andorra
  • Iceland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Monaco
  • Norway
  • San Marino
  • Switzerland
  • Vatican
  • Croatia

as well as the following non-continent EU territories:

  • Greenland and the Faroe Islands
  • French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Réunion
  • Canary Islands
  • Azores and Madeira

Tapeworm treatment is also required for entry to Finland.

Ireland, Malta, Sweden and the United Kingdom have their own rules on the import of pet animals. Here, you must have a blood test of the animal for rabies antibodies in an approved laboratory before travelling (also required for re-entry from an "unlisted third country"). In addition, these states are calling for treatment against ticks and tapeworms. In addition, only one microchip is already considered to be an acceptable label.

travelling with animals other than dogs, cats and ferrets (e.g. birds and rabbits) and
Travel to non-EU countries ("listed and unlisted third countries")

The general rule here is that please inform yourself in good time at your pet veterinarian, at the relevant embassy or on the websites of the Federal Foreign Office or the Federal Customs Administration.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Portalverbund des Bundes und der Länder)

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