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  • If you wish to hold a meeting, you must notify the competent authority at least 48 hours before the announcement of the event .
  • Once your complaint has been received by the competent authority, it will be forwarded to the local regulatory authority responsible for the place of assembly, to the police and, if necessary, to other authorities to be involved. These authorities involved can then comment on the meeting you are planning.
  • Regular cooperation talks are held with the authorities involved (police, public order offices) in advance regarding the course and implementation of the meeting.

Process flow

• They submit their notification of the meeting to the competent authority digitally or analoguely.

• The display is not bound to any shape.

• Regardless of whether you create the advertisement online, in writing or verbally, the following information must be included:

• Name and address of the organiser (private person or organisation)

• Name and address, telephone and fax/e-mail of the chairperson of the meeting.

• Specification of the planned meeting by location

• In the case of lifts/demonstrations, the planned route.

• The intended beginning and end of the meeting.

• The object or theme of the meeting.

• The expected number of people participating.

• If the chairperson of the meeting makes use of the help of stewards, their deployment must be reported to the competent authority, stating the number of persons expected to be deployed for this purpose.

If you want to submit the ad online:

• You do not need to register or create an account.

• You fill in the required fields of the online service.

• You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address you have provided

If you would like to submit the ad by post:

• For example, they write down their advertisement with a sample template and check their information for completeness.

• You then send the notification by post or submit it to the competent authority on site.


• The competent authority processes your complaint and, if necessary, forwards it to the local authorities (police, health department, regulatory authority) with comments; these provide feedback with possible indications of restrictive orders or threats to public safety that may warrant such orders or prohibitions.

• As a rule, there is a cooperation meeting between the responsible authority/police and the organisers.

• Feedback from the authorities will be examined separately and a decision will be made on any cooperation at the meeting place.

• A notification confirmation will then be issued and returned to the applicant.

• The complaint is confirmed or a decision with restrictive injunctions or a ban is issued. There are no fees.

• Short-term notification up to 1 hour before the start of the meeting is possible.

• Significant changes to their information about the assembly must be notified to the competent authority without delay. - The responsible event management must be known for the confirmation of the advertisement or the notice of requirement

Who should I contact?

The assembly must be reported to the competent authority. The competent assembly authorities are the districts, independent cities, large independent cities and independent municipalities, in the area of the state capital of Hanover, the Hanover Police Department.


• You must have a person for each meeting who reported the meeting as well as a meeting leader.

• The person making the report can be an individual, an organization or an association.

• The chairperson of the meeting must be an individual.

• This individual is responsible for the orderly running of the assembly and is the contact person for the police and the assembly authority during the meeting.

• The chairperson of the meeting must be present for the entire duration of the meeting. A deputy for the chairperson of the meeting can be named.

Which documents are required?


What are the fees?

Fee: free of charge

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

The notice of the meeting must be given 48 hours before the announcement of the meeting.

Processing duration

Processing Time: 4 - 24 Hours
The processing must take place at short notice in order to ensure cooperation and, if necessary, effective legal protection.


A review in a preliminary procedure (opposition proceedings) does not take place in the case of measures under the NVersG.

Permissible legal remedy against measures of the NVersG (e.g. prohibition or restriction) is the action.

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