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Establishment of a political party

A political party is an association of citizens who want to influence the formation of political will permanently or for a longer period of time at federal or state level and participate in the representation of citizens in the German Bundestag or a state parliament. It is a party if, according to the overall view of the actual circumstances, in particular:

  • according to the size and stability of their organisation,
  • according to the number of its members, and
  • after their emergence in public

provides a reasonable guarantee as to the seriousness of that objective. Only natural persons may be members of a party.

If you want to found a new party, you must invite to a founding meeting. At least three persons are required to found a party (prerequisite for a secret ballot).

Process flow

In the assembly, the founding of the party is first decided by the persons present. Subsequently, the founding assembly decides on the party program and the statutes. In order to represent the party externally, a board must be elected (statutory appointment of the state executive committee). The board must consist of at least three members.

Minutes of the founding meeting must be drawn up. The protocol must contain:

  • Members present
  • Place
  • Date
  • Time of the meeting
  • Agenda of the Assembly with the adoption of resolutions
    • on the founding of the party
    • to the Articles of Association and
    • to the program as well as
  • the democratic and secret election of the board

The minutes should be signed by hand by the party chairman or a deputy and by two other board members as well as by the minute taker.

After the founding meeting, the real work for the party begins: recruiting new members, building structures, founding local, district or state associations and participating in elections. The party intervenes in current political debates, states its positions, drafts proposals for solutions and draws up an election programme.

A party loses its legal status as a party if it has not participated in either a Bundestag or a Landtag election with its own nominations for six years. Before an election, the respective election committees check whether the party can be admitted to the upcoming election (European, Bundestag, Landtag or local elections).

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