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Youth Social Work

Young people who are increasingly dependent on support to compensate for social disadvantages or to overcome individual impairments are to be offered socio-educational assistance within the framework of youth welfare.

Areas of youth social work are

  • Youth professional assistance (e.g. in the form of qualification offers, advice, assistance accompanying training)
  • Promotion of the integration of immigrant young people (e.g. through international youth work, youth migration services)
  • General youth social work (e.g. prevention and measures against violence and discrimination)
  • socio-educational assistance for young people who have committed a crime
  • (Extra)curricular leisure and educational activities
  • School- and student-related youth social work
  • Youth housing offers (e.g. in the form of assisted youth residential communities)

Youth social work in schools is also of particular importance. It contributes to the reduction of conflict potentials by promoting the individual and social development of pupils, by working together with schools and parents as well as community institutions.

The promotion of regionally diversified offers and networks is one of the goals of youth social work. Public and independent youth welfare agencies at municipal level perform these tasks in their area of responsibility and are supported by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality and the State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family within the framework of project funding, advice and further training.

Who should I contact?

Contact your local youth welfare office.

  • Information and links on the subject of youth social work can be found on the website of the Lower Saxony Ministry of Social Affairs, Health and Equality.
  • You can find out about the work and tasks of the Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family on the website of the State Office.
  • The support programmes of the youth professional assistance are accompanied by the Niedersächsische Förderbank (NBank)

What else should I know?

In addition to the NBank, the programmes of youth professional assistance are accompanied by the Landesarbeitsgemeinschaft Jugendsozialarbeit (State Working Group for Youth Social Work) through advice and further training for providers and specialists.

In the Cooperation Network for Youth Social Work,

  • the Arbeiterwohlfahrt (AWO),
  • the Federal Working Groups Protestant Youth Social Work (BAG EJSA) and Catholic Youth Social Work (BAG KJS),
  • the Federal Association of Local Regional Providers of Youth Social Work (BAG ÖRT),
  • the German Red Cross (DRK) and
  • the International Federation (IB)

merged. As a joint coordination and communication platform, the Cooperation Network for Youth Social Work serves the professional positioning and implementation of youth policy projects. The aim is to improve the social participation of disadvantaged young people.

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony State Office for Social Affairs, Youth and Family


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