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Application for payment of compensation for damage caused to game exposed to radiation

Foodstuffs with a radiocesium content of more than 600 Becquerel per kilogram may not be marketed in Germany and must be destroyed.

If the game you have shot is accordingly contaminated with radiation/radioactivity and may not be marketed, it will be examined on application whether you will be paid compensation for damages.

If the conditions are met, you will be paid a lump sum as compensation for the damage, depending on the game.

You submit your application (main form and annex(es)) for payment of compensation for damage and the above-mentioned evidence by post to your competent Landesstelle. They will forward your application (main form and annex(es)) to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) after checking it without the required supporting documents.

Further information can be obtained from the relevant state ministries, local authorities and hunting associations.

Process flow

You must submit the application for payment of compensation in writing to your competent Landesstelle.

  • Compile the necessary documents.
  • Download the application form from the website of the Federal Office of Administration (BVA) or process it online.
  • Complete the first page of the application form.
  • For each wild animal for which compensation is requested, attach the second page (the so-called annex) of the application form to your application.
  • Complete, sign and return the application (main form and annex(es)) together with all the necessary documents to your competent Land office.
  • The second page (the so-called annex) will be completed by the regional office responsible for you and forwarded to the BVA for further processing.
  • The BVA will check your application.
  • If your application is approved, you will receive a notice of approval from the BVA and the compensation will be transferred to the account you specified in your application.
  • If your application cannot be accepted, you will receive a rejection notice from the BVA.


You can apply for compensation if:

  • the radiation measurement of the wild animal showed a measured value of at least 600 becquerels of caesium per kilogram,
  • you have carried out the radiation measurement via a recognised measuring centre,
  • the destruction certificate for the wild animal shows that it was destroyed in accordance with category I.

You can find out who the competent measuring body is for you via your competent state authority.

Which documents are required?

You must submit the following with your application

  • In the original:
    • Measurement protocol from a recognised measuring point with date and result of the measurement.
    • Proof of any examination costs incurred
    • official proof of destruction of category I
    • Commercial document with commercial document number and date

What are the fees?

  • none

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

  • Application deadline: The application must be received by the competent Land authority within 3 years after the damage has been ascertained (date of radiation measurement by recognised measuring body).

Processing duration

  • for processing the application: 2 months

Technically approved by

Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

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