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Applying for the first registration of a vehicle (new registration)

If you want to use a new motor vehicle on the road for the first time, it must be registered. This also applies to trailers. You or your representative submit the application for this initial registration to the locally responsible vehicle registration authority.

After a successful registration, you will receive the registration papers and the registration authority will assign you a license plate.

Admission entitles you to:

  • participate in road traffic with the vehicle and
  • to park the vehicle in public areas.

During registration, so-called owner data is recorded.

  • for natural persons:
    • Surname, maiden name, first names,
    • where applicable, the name of the order or artist,
    • date and place of birth or, if this is not known, the country of birth,
    • Gender and address
  • for legal entities and authorities:
    • Name or designation and
    • Address
  • for associations:
    • Representation with data by natural or legal persons
    • Name of the association

Who should I contact?

Locally competent licensing authority


  • You have a new vehicle that has not yet been registered.
  • The usual location of this vehicle is in the Federal Republic of Germany.
  • You have no arrears of fees and expenses from previous registration procedures of more than EUR 30.
  • You don't have any road tax debts of 5 EUR or more. This also includes late payment penalties, interest and late payment penalties.

Which documents are required?

  • If available: completed application forms
  • Registration certificate Part II (vehicle registration document) or, in the case of non-registration vehicles, the operating licence
  • valid identification document: identity card or passport of the vehicle owner; upon presentation of the passport also a current registration certificate
  • Proof of ownership: purchase contract or invoice
  • Proof of valid motor vehicle liability insurance (eVB number)
  • Bank details for the SEPAL debit mandate to pay the motor vehicle tax

For the following types of vehicles, further documents must be submitted:

  • For vehicles with national type-approval:
    • Data confirmation
  • For vehicles with EU type approval:
    • the EU Certificate of Conformity, also known as the Certificate of Conformity (CoC)
  • For vehicles with individual vehicle permits:
    • Certificate of individual vehicle approval
  • In the case of a vehicle without registration:
    • Certificate of Conformity, Data Confirmation or Certificate of Individual Vehicle Approval

If represented by a third party:

  • Your written power of attorney and your original identity document;
  • The authorised person must be able to identify himself or herself with a valid identity card or passport.

If admitted to minors:

  • the written declaration of consent of the legal guardians and their identity cards in the original
  • if applicable, a certificate of sole custody ("negative certificate") in the case of single parents

For modifications to the vehicle:

  • Presentation of an operating licence

What are the fees?

30 euros for the first registration in the locally responsible vehicle registration authority.

10.20 euros for the choice of a desired license plate

12.80 euros for the first registration via an i-Kfz portal

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines to observe.

Processing duration

Processing is usually immediate.


In the event of rejection of admission, there is usually an objection

Professionally released on



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