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Applying for a permit to modify a plant for the generation of electricity from renewable energies (repowering)

Do you operate a plant for the generation of electricity from renewable energies that requires a permit under immission control law, for which you already have an immission control permit, and are you planning to carry out repowering measures on this plant?

Repowering measures serve to modernise a plant for the purpose of generating electricity from renewable energies.

This repowering measure can cause adverse effects in relation to the current state of the turbine. Insofar as these are relevant for the approval requirements of the installation subject to approval, a modification permit is required.

Therefore, corresponding changes to plants requiring a permit must be reviewed by the immission control authority. To do this, you must submit an application for a change permit and submit all the necessary documents for the assessment. The application can be made in writing or electronically. At your request, requirements will only be examined as part of the modification approval procedure if the repowering causes adverse effects in relation to the current state.

Process flow

In order to apply for a change permit from the competent authority, you must first submit the application documents in full.

You can do this in writing or electronically (e.g. with the ELiA application program). The competent authority will confirm receipt of the application in writing or electronically, check it for completeness and involve the specialist authorities.

If necessary, the authority will request further documents

Which documents are required?

Supplementary amendment

What are the fees?

The fee depends on the construction costs.

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

There are no deadlines.

Processing duration

Processing Time: 3 - 7 Months

Applications / forms

Forms Available: Yes

Written form required: written or electronic

Informal application possible: No

Personal appearance required: No


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