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There are 6 services for Environment

Plant protection products shall not be used on paved open land or on other outdoor areas which are not used for agricultural, forestry or horticultural purposes. The competent...
Plant protection products may only be used if they are authorised. The competent body may, on a case-by-case basis, authorise the use of an authorised plant protection product...
Facilities and laboratories that wish to carry out tests or phases of tests under the conditions of good laboratory practice (GLP conditions) require a GLP certificate.
Anyone who wishes to use plant protection products for others – other than occasional neighbourhood assistance – or to advise others on plant protection for commercial purposes...
If you want to carry out analyses in accordance with the Sewage Sludge Ordinance as an inspection body, you must apply for notification from the competent authority in the...
For certain work on e.B refrigeration or air conditioning systems, certificates of competence are required for the implementing personnel. These certificates are issued after...
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