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Prove expertise in the arms trade by means of testing

Usually, the examination is carried out on the order of the authority with which you have applied for a firearms permit and cannot be applied for separately.

Depending on the size of the trade permit you apply for, the examination includes certain categories of weapons.

In the theoretical part of the exam, you must demonstrate knowledge of the rules on the trade in firearms and ammunition, the acquisition and conduct of firearms, and the broad outlines of other gun regulations.

In the practical part of the test, you must demonstrate safe handling of the tested weapon categories. These include, among other things, disassembly and assembling, naming essential parts and describing how it works.

In order to successfully pass the expert examination for the trade in weapons and ammunition, you need not only theoretical, but also practical knowledge. Therefore, extensive preparation is recommended.

If you have applied for a permit to trade ammunition, the treatment of the used ammunition and its use in the associated firearm will be examined.

As a master of the craftsman's role, you already have the expertise and do not have to prove it again by means of an examination at the Chamber of Commerce.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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