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Private clinic permission

If you want to run a private hospital, you need a commercial license, a so-called concession. In the sense of commercial law, a hospital is a facility that serves the healing and care of patients and in which the patients are treated in-patient, i.e. also housed and cared for.

Only private, commercially operated hospitals need such a permit. Public bodies and those operated for charitable, charitable or scientific purposes do not need permission. In contrast to these, the entrepreneur who runs the private hospital intends to make a profit from the business.

The entrepreneur can, but does not have to be a doctor herself. Where the entrepreneur is a doctor, a distinction must be made between institutions which serve the exercise of her professional activity (e.B. the surgeon's clinic) and establishments which are not directly related to the professional activity and are designed for profit.

The authorisation indicates whether the facility is used to operate a private hospital, a private detention centre or a private mental hospital (or a combination of these facilities). Homes housing mentally ill or mentally disabled people and providing only occasional medical care are not private hospitals.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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