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Craftsman's role Registration of equivalent tests

For the independent operation of a craft subject to approval of Appendix A to Section 1 paragraph 2 Of The Crafts Code (HwO) as a standing trade, registration in the craft roll is required. You or your manager can be

  • Diploma engineer/engineering engineer
  • Graduate of a technical college or a state-recognised technical and design school

be entered in the craft role corresponding to the focus of studies or schooling with the craft craft sector subject to authorisation.

The same applies to nationals of the EU, EEA or Switzerland who have obtained a comparable university degree in the EU, eEA or Switzerland; other professional qualifications are taken into account via Section 9 HwO i.V.m of the EU/EEA Crafts Regulation (EU/EEA HwV). Registration may also take place in the presence of a German state or state-recognised examination equivalent to the master's examination (e.B. Industrial Master/Industrial Master).

The competent body shall assess whether the conditions for registration have been met. The decision on registration shall also be taken by the competent authority.

Appendix A to Section 1 paragraph 2 Of The Crafts Code (HwO)

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