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Recognition and announcement as an expert in accordance with Section 18 of the Federal Soil Protection Act

The law on the protection against harmful soil changes and on the remediation of contaminated sites (Federal Soil Protection Act - BBodSchG) provides at several places to involve experts. In order to be recognized as an expert in this field, you must have the necessary expertise and equipment, as well as be suitable for this activity due to your reliability and personal integrity.

Recognised experts are recognised and active in six different fields:

1. Area-based and location-based survey/historical exploration

2. Hazard assessment for the impact path of soil-water

3. Hazard assessment for the soil-plant impact path

4. Hazard assessment for the soil-human impact path

5. Refurbishment

6. Hazard assessment, assessment and prevention of harmful soil changes due to soil erosion by water

Once the recognition authority has checked all the requirements and your professional competence/expertise has been established, the recognition and notification shall be carried out by decision and certificate of recognition.

The recognition and notification authorities responsible for this are different in the Länder. These are often the chambers of commerce and industry, but also the chambers of civil engineering, chambers of agriculture or state offices can be responsible.

Their recognition and disclosure is partly subject to a fixed-term period, sometimes indefinitely, depending on the ordinance and the federal state.

The contact details of the recognised and announced experts are published in uniform lists.

If you already have a public order in accordance with Section 36 GewO in the field requested and have completed appropriate further training, you often also provide proof of the necessary expertise for recognition in accordance with Section 18 of the BBodSchG in conjunction with the respective ordinance. Thus, there are some experts who, in addition to their public appointment in accordance with Section 36 GewO, also have a recognition in accordance with Section 18 of the BBodSchG.

Experts in accordance with Section 18 of the BBodSchG are usually also recognised in the federal states as experts whose expertise, reliability and equipment has been checked in another federal state according to comparable requirements. There is no need for a re-examination.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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