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Commercial transport of waste Permit

Anyone wishing to transport hazardous waste on a commercial basis requires a permit (transport permit). The permit is granted on request by the competent authority and may be subject to conditions and obligations.

The permit requirement on the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany also applies to the transboundary shipment of waste. A notification procedure does not replace the transport authorisation.

For waste not classified as hazardous, a notification of commercial transport is required .

Who should I contact?

Responsibility lies with the Hildesheim State Trade Inspectorate (Central Support Centre for Waste, Genetic Engineering and Equipment Safety (ZUS AGG)).

This procedure can also be handled through a "point of single contact". The "Point of Single Contact" is a special service offered by the municipalities and the state for service providers.

Find your Point of Single Contact here

Which documents are required?

The documents are required in accordance with § 9 Abs. 1 Anzeige- und Erlaubnisverordnung (AbfAEV).

§ 9 Abs. 1 Notification and Permission Ordinance (AbfAEV)

What are the fees?

The amount of the fees results - according to Annex 1 to § 1 paragraph 1 General Fee Schedule of the State of Lower Saxony No. 2.1.37 - depending on the time required. However, a minimum of EUR 50.00 and a maximum of EUR 2600.00 will be charged.

Annex 1 to § 1 paragraph 1 General Fee Schedule (AllGO)

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

Deadlines may have to be observed. Please contact the competent authority.

Processing duration

Processing Time: 3 Months

What else should I know?

A company that is a specialist waste management company in accordance with § 56 of the Circular Economy Act (KrWG) and is certified for the respective activity does not require a permit. A notification of the commercial transport of waste shall be submitted to the competent authority.

Circular Economy Act (KrWG)

Technically approved by

Lower Saxony Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Climate Protection

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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