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Obtaining a security licence

Commercial guarding is subject to a permit. Surveillance in accordance with Section 34a of the Commercial Code (GewO) means the activity aimed at protecting the life or property of third parties from interference with third parties. The specific activities covered by the term "surveillance" are wide-ranging. These include, but are not

  • conventional bicycle, motor vehicle and building security,
  • the event service,
  • passenger control,
  • the carrying out of money and value transports,
  • protection of persons or
  • the guarding of industrial and military installations as well as nuclear power plants.

Surveillance requires active custody (e.B. supervision or controls). The care must be human activity.

Security contractors may be a natural or legal person. In the case of partnerships (e.B. OHG, KG), trader is any managing partner. In the case of legal entities (e.B. GmbH, AG), permission is granted by the legal entity.

Source: Serviceportal Niedersachsen (Linie6PLus)

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