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Suspension of compulsory schooling Application for supplementary school

The competent regional State Office for School and Education may determine that compulsory education is suspended during the attendance of this supplementary school for a supplementary school which provides school instruction of at least 24 hours per week.

Process flow

Please submit your application informally to the Regional State Office for School and Education responsible for you, enclosing the necessary documents. After the application has been examined, you will receive - if the school law requirements are met - as the sponsor of the supplementary school concerned a written notification of the determination of the suspension of compulsory schooling.


  • indicated (or possibly already recognized) supplementary school
  • at least 24 hours a week of school lessons

Which documents are required?

  • Name and address of the school authority
  • Name and address of the supplementary school for which the suspension of compulsory education is to be established
  • Chronological presentation of lesson planning / timetable overview
  • Curriculum (optional)

What are the fees?

The administration fee is calculated on the basis of the time required to process the application. The corresponding cost tariff for the General Fee Schedule provides for a fee framework (as of December 2020: € 150.00 to € 200.00).

What deadlines do I have to pay attention to?

No special time limits apply to the applicant.

Processing duration

A decision on an application for authorisation must be taken within three months of receipt of the complete documents, otherwise it shall be deemed to have been granted after expiry of the period.

Applications / forms

  • written application of the sponsor of the substitute school
  • optional: in electronic form (allowed file formats: PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, TIFF)


In the event of a negative decision, administrative recourse is opened for the institution of the supplementary school concerned.

The rejection is accompanied by a specific instruction on how to appeal, which shows the time limit for bringing an action and the competent administrative court.


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