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Indication of the commercial attitude of game dissent

You want to keep and breed animals of wild species in game enclosures? Do you carry out your activities independently, on schedule, on and with the intention of making a profit? You must then report this animal husbandry to the competent veterinary authority at least four weeks before it is started.

Process flow

After you have submitted the necessary documents to your competent body, the documents will be checked for correctness and completeness.

Competent authority

Your contact person is the veterinary authorities of the districts and district-free cities in Lower Saxony, the Hanover region and the special purpose association Veterinary Office Jade-Weser.


  • The notification must be received by the competent veterinary authority no later than four weeks before the start of operations.
  • In addition, you must ensure animal welfare requirements, in particular to meet the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act.
  • The display contains all the necessary information.
  • All necessary documents are available.

Section 2 Animal Welfare Act (TierSchG)

Which documents are required?

  • Please check with the competent veterinary authority for display forms.
  • Formless display with the following content:
    • Type, number and sex of animals to be kept
    • Information on the person responsible for the activity
    • Information on the size and design of the enclosure to be built
  • Proof of expertise for the respective persons who have handling the animals
  • Sketch(s) of the holding device(s)

Applications / forms

  • Formless display
  • If necessary, your competent body will provide further documentation for notification. Please contact your competent veterinary authority.


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